All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.


Universal declaration of human rights

The subject of our control of the current government policy on human rights, decision, action (inaction) of state bodies and their officials, as a result of which violated human rights and freedoms, or created obstacles to a person of his rights and freedoms, or person involved in illegal to perform any duty or unlawfully prosecuted. These violations, interference and coercion may be systemic, that concern is not one person but a group of people as key areas of advocacy Bat Association are:

  • increase civil activity of people by conducting of educational activities in the field of human rights (group and individual counseling, support for victims, advocacy campaigns, publications in the press, assistance in registration of organizations);
  •  prevention of torture and ill-treatment, prevention of human rights violations (registration of the facts and appeals, publications in the press, information and education programs for law enforcement officials - police investigators, prosecutors, penal system, etc.);
  • development of freedom of speech and public access to information requests to the authorities monitoring the activities that perform control functions in the state and local levels, organizing and conducting trainings and seminars on legislation with human rights violations in access to information for journalists and other media, presenting them in the court;
  • protection of human rights and freedoms enshrined in the Constitution and national legislation (including international agreements ratified compliance which gave Parliament);
  • analysis of the human rights situation in their country and its individual regions;
  • appeal unjust judgments and unlawful actions of state bodies (assistance in the preparation of complaints and appeals, conducting business in court, preparation and submission of documents to the European Court of Human Rights)
  • promote of harmonization of Ukrainian legislation with the European Union and its reform, using the experience of developed democratic countries;
  • promote the professional development of lawyers and dissemination of ethical standards of conduct among the lawyers;
  • promoting the role of law and the legal profession in the society.





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