In order of the development of the Ukraine, the institutions of democracy and humanism, legal opinions, which professing the international organizations and positions of the European Court of Human Rights, one of the inalienable rights of the individual is entitled to its protection.

For Ukraine it is very important task of building the rule of law nowadays, the achievement of adequate standards of human rights, adherence to the Constitution, laws and international norms. State protection of rights and freedoms human and citizens of Ukraine indicates improper political and legal conditions for its support, which in turn makes it difficult political situation, causing tension and worsens the position of foreign states.

Therefore in today's conditions it is extremely important problem of the development of advocacy. In any modern civilized country the protection of the rights and freedoms of human and citizens is the primary responsibility of the state. For this adopted appropriate legislation, a system of government and encouraged the activities of non-governmental human rights institutions.

Kiev Helsinki Group is one of the few non-profit organizations, advocacy is aimed at protecting the rights and interests of citizens of Ukraine, foreigners, stateless persons and legal entities on controversial issues of their rights and protected interests, as well as providing legal assistance from the prosecution, strengthening of legal guarantees of the protection of the rights and freedoms from government interference and control.












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